This level consists of 4 walls that the ninja must get over to hit the switch to open the door. There are 5 zap drones. Two of the drones hug the wall while the other three glide across the stage. There is gold at the bottom of the walls and at the very top of the stage as well.


Method 1 (Safe)[]

This method is used to get the level done and over with, not to get gold and time. It is recommended to get the gold because it is very simple, but if you would rather just beat the level, here you go.

First, jump down onto the peak of the first wall you get to. Wait for the zap drone to round wall #2 and jump over him to get to the top without letting any drones spot you. Jump over one of the drones to get to the peak of wall #4, and hit the switch. Jump over to wall #2 again, making sure not to hit the drones below you. Then, simply fall down to the door.