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Episode 76
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Method 1 (Aries's Easy Way)

The key to this level is what I call "level-changing". Basically, take the the horizontal parts of the level and split it into two levels, below the bounceblocks (bottom) and above the bounceblocks (top). Now the idea is to stay on one level as much as you can. You'll realize that there are mines on both the top and bottom, and a floorguard on the bottom, so you'll always have to be cognizant of those threats, no matter where the drones are. The level changing is for dodging drones.

What happens with level-changing, is that when you spend as much time on one level, all the seeker drones will come at you at a certain height, above or below the bounceblocks. When the drones get close to you, change levels. Once you change levels, there shouldn't be any drones coming at you immediately, and you should be safe for a bit. You should at least be safe long enough for the drones on the level you were on to pass by, then you can drop back to that level again. So the idea is to isolate all the drones either above or below the bounceblocks, so when they come at you, most of them will be on the same level, and you can switch levels and be safe.

This is a VERY effective strategy if done correctly, and once you get used to it, this level isn't too bad. And remember that the middle line through the bounce blocks is between the levels, so you can avoid drones going through the middle from either side by either hopping on the bounceblocks til they pass(top level) or standing and just hopping over the floorguard (bottom level). Also remember that bounceblocks can be used creatively to modify your jumps to avoid drones.

And the vertical part of the level is just a pathway between the two horizontal pieces, so just take your time going up and down, and don't be afraid to use the bounceblocks or the wall to avoid drones. Don't be afraid to backtrack a little or take a little time to be safer, because it's the end of the episode, and all you have to do is survive.

Method 2 (Highscore)

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