7654321, also known as Pavel, Vyacheslav, 654321, 7!, 87654321, 987654321, and l'oeuvre is a 19-year-old male, who was a regular on the N IRC channel. He is known as 654321 on NUMA. He no longer makes any maps on NUMA, but occasionally rates a map. 7654321 is called l'oeuvre on the Metanet Forums. He joined the community on August 31, 2004. He appeared on the forums as 654321. He has been inactive since around Nov 2011.


7654321 is a South Park fan. He known the anatomy of a computer like the back of his hand and used to have his system specs in his signature. He is especially known for his deep interest and vast knowledge of metal genre of music. Many of his works, including his maps, such as "templex is a self centered 11 year old prepubescent whore", and his "necrosadistic" [1] webcomic The Land of Rape and Honey display his metallic mindframe, so to speak. On IRC is often that both he and bobaganuesh_2 harmoniously shout the song "1996" by Marilyn Manson in caps lock, much to the annoyance of Kablizzy and AlliedEnvy.

Respectable sentiments.


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