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breen district


Episode 78
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Method 1 (Completion/Easy)Edit

At the beginning, stay right where you are. Wait until the 2nd drone from the top spots you, and begins to dive down on you. Quickly move right, and try to lure the 2nd drone from the bottom down into the pit with the missiles. Jump across these platforms, and try to not to get spotted by any robots. If you did it right, there should only be one enemy on this level, meaning you can take your time. Wall jump up to the 2nd level. A bit more difficult. You have to be a bit more precise with your jumps. Watch out for the mines on the floor. Get the switch, and you can follow the same path on the return journey. However, be more careful, as you have to be more precise with your jumps. There's nowhere to land if you overshoot. See this image for a feel of how it goes. Follow the blue on your way to the key, the red on your way back, and then the first blue line again. The pink lines represent what the drones should do.

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