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breen district


Episode 78
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
Fastest Time 246.025
Fastest Player macrohenry
Demo 78-3/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

Begin by jumping up the platforms. Try to never be in the line of sight of more than 2 gauss turrets at any time. Try to stay on the left side, as it's easier to scale the left wall than the right. Once reaching the top, Jump across to the platform with the circle of gold. Watch out, the gauss can still shoot you here. Wait for the Zap drone to move so you can go in the tunnel. Be careful in here. Hug the walls until you can make a move. Get the key and get out. Jump down to the second drone tunnel. Unless you're feeling greedy, in which case, be careful with the rocket. This drone spot is easier than the first. Wait for them to pass you by, and then move quickly. This strategy can be shown more clearly in this demo file (Instructions for demo)

Highscoring Trivia Edit

In terms of highscoring, 78-3 has one of the most drawn out, and hotly contested battles for 0th, with new routes and innovations taking place every two or three years over its ten year history. It is a fairly unique level to highscore due to its gaps on the highscore table which is caused by a lengthy level which is comprised with drone paths that cause a bottleneck near the end of the map. A good analogy would be to imagine waiting for a bus; When the bus arrives, a group of people get on and the people who didn't arrive in time are forced to wait for the next bus. In other words, each time a player doesn't sneak past the drones, they could be delayed by up to seven seconds. As a result, by 2007, Mr_Lim had firmly established the record for the largest difference between 0th and 1st - 6.725 seconds to be exact with a time of 239.600 seconds by sneaking past a zap drone and smoothly collecting all the gold to 'skip the queue'. Although by July 2007, Mr_Lim had taken 58-3 by 8.925 seconds and it was no longer a record. Johnny_faneca almost accomplished this feat before Mr_Lim but just missed out; consequently being left several seconds behind with the next group, which fell in with the 230-232 second range. lookatthis took the 0th off Mr_Lim with 239.775 a bit later with a cleaner ending. In 2010 lookatthis, using the pseudonym 'matthewtaylorpowell', discovered an alternate route that was actually faster - pushing the score out to 241.325. By April 23 2011, ska held the outright 0th for the level with a score of 241.525 until swipenet swiped the 0th by a single frame which he held for about a couple of years, until macrohenry took the 0th with yet another new route, breaking another drone cycle and improving the lead by 4.475 seconds over swipenet's previous 0th run.

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