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Episode 78
Creator Metanet Software
N version N 1.4
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Demo 78-4/Demo


Slitherin is a mine-jumper level, and one that gets progessively harder as you go.

N v1.4Edit

Method 1Edit

The first section is easy, just wall jump. In the 2nd area, drop to the bottom as quickly as possible without splattering on the floor. Ensure that the chase drone goes the other way. Continue wall jumping, and the next section is easy. Grab the door opener, and just drop. You can either wall jump once quickly off the wall near the bottom, or land on the 45 degrees slope. If you choose to land on the slope, you must jump as soon as you hit the ground. This will take you across the mines. You need to have some speed to jump up this next section, but still be careful. The second to last part is somewhat difficult. You can either choose to jump all at once, and land on the bottom-most gap between the mines on the left wall, or just go from gap to gap one step at a time. When you reach the bottom of this shaft, there may be 1 or 2 drones standing between you and the doorway. As they come at you, get on the left wall of the 2nd to last shaft, and as they chase you, jump across to the right wall, and enter the last shaft. Start at the big gap on the bottom left, then go to the next highest gap on the right side. Jump again, over the mines, and land again on the right wall. Then go Left wall, right wall, left wall, FREEDOM! Congratulations! You have beaten the episode, and a rather difficult level.

N v2.0Edit

Method 1Edit

In v2.0's 52-4 level there are no zap drones so you must do the same without the risk of being killed by a zap drone.

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