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Episode 79
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

Run to the left and perform a perpendicular jump off of the sloped tile. Jump once on the left side of the "piece" directly above and and to the right of you, and once more on the left side of the piece above that. Land on the hexagonal block under the upper rocket launcher, and QUICKLY jump up to either the left or right walls above to you, and jump once again to the area containing the exit switch. Get it, but do not fall down. Instead, jump off the walls surrounding the exit switch so that the rocket can either launch another rocket (if the one following you has exploded a few seconds ago, while you were getting the exit switch) or so that the rocket that is currently following you can have a chance to turn around and not explode against a wall. The idea behind this is that if the rocket explodes while you are falling down, you will be right on top of the launcher when it shoots a new rocket, and will be instantly killed. Anyway, after successfully passing the middle section and getting the exit switch, fall down and get the switch above the upper launcher if you haven't already. Then go to each side and pick up the switches there. Trying to approach the exit is tougher than it seems, as the lower launcher can easily kill you while you try to fall precisely in the hole. Instead, slowly approach the middle exit=containing channel from either side, until the rocket sees you and fires. After baiting it thusly, avoid it and quickly make your way to the exit.

Method 2 (Highscore)

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