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Episode 79
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 79-3/Demo


This level is split into 3 sections though only the middle one has some difficulty involved. If you've made it past the other 9 episodes in this column the part on the left and right shouldn't be too hard. For the rocket jumping section just take the 3rd jump pad and wall jump up and to the left to get the 1st switch. Then slide down narrowly avoiding all bounce blocks on your left and on the ground.

In the thwump section it is easiest to separate the thwumps so some come down later than others. Once the first thwump(s) group has come down jump on top and wall jump your way up as you get to the top and begin to move down some will move before others. this gives you space to stay in while thwumps are coming past. Continue moving down and evading thwumps until you are on the ground.

The third section can be done very easily by getting the switch and moving down through the sides .

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