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Jumping up the Valley


Episode 80
Creator Eli
N version N 1.4
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Demo 80-0/Demo


Method 1

This level was originally a jump-only level on NUMA - you weren't allowed to press left or right. Here, it's much easier. Simply navigate the terrain to the terminal, and get back. Really, there's no excuse to die here.

Method 2 (highscore)

Highscoring is a bit harder. You have to pull off several corner jumps after leaping far distances, or you will lose time and/or die.

Method 3 (NEHS)

Keep in mind that this map was originally a JHJ map - as in Just Hit Jump. Obviously, back then it was much harder, but luckily for you, you have no such restriction in the game. Thus, it is quite trivial to complete this map. Simply get to the terminal, get the gold, then get back to the exit. I have not a clue why anybody should even be visiting this page in the first place.

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