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Episode 80
Creator gabby_drummer
N version N 1.4
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Method 3 (NEHS)

Another slightly harder level. From the start, move right and drop down. Get the gold, it is rather easy to get, and is very profitable. Climb up, then get more gold. Now for the hardest part of the entire map. Drop down into the gap, then jump up and walljump over the floorguard, which crawled up right next to you. Land on the one-way, then go between the thwumps after they retreat. Flip the switch, then get back out. Drop down, then move left. Avoid the zap drone, then go into the gauss room. Drop down to the bottom. Now run right. Fast. Keep running, and you should avoid a laser and run right past the thwumps. Move up the slope, activate the terminal, then ascend the shaft. Move up another slope, then run to the end, much faster than the rocket which follows you.

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