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Full Circle

Full Circle

Episode 80
Creator brickman
N version N 1.4
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Demo 80-3/Demo


Method 1

This level exploits the fact that a rocket launcher will not launch another rocket at you if it's already launched one at you. The idea here is to take the rocket with you around the level and go past the initial turret without the rocket hitting a wall. If the rocket explodes, the launcher will then fire another rocket at you when you attempt to go past it, and you will die. Currently, the fastest run using this method (according to the Nreality speedrun boards, is 560 frames. However, it is likely that faster runs were recorded on the original scoreboards, but removed due to a mass of faster runs made using method 2.

Method 2 (highscore)

Due to a collision detection bug in N, it's possible for players to manipulate the rocket in the top right corner which allows it to go through tiles and into the empty area in the middle. This then allows you to go much faster towards the exit, however, it's quite difficult to pull this trick off. The quickest this has been done is 498 frames with a score of 127.550 by Raif.

Method 3 (NEHS)

This level is just a little harder, but for a different reason. This level takes advantage of a special property of rocket launchers: they won't fire another rocket unless the first one has exploded. Thus, when you make your way around the circle, should the rocket explode, it will block the exit. Therefore, you must slowly work around without letting the rocket explode. Move up, let the rocket turn at the right time, run across and activate the terminal, drop down with appropriate timing, wallslide down carefully, then drop down and run across to the exit. This is harder than it looks.