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Ramshackle Shelves
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Episode 81
Creator nnnnoah
N version N 1.4
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Demo 81-3/Demo


Method 1

It's so hard! But, it's possible:

Remember a few things:

  • When going from a high to a lower circle, speed is required for a safe passage.
  • When going from a low to a higher circle use the walls in the opening to wall jump up.
  • Don't do anything stupid! Wait for laser drones to get behind a circle before jumping (if possible).

Method 2 (NEHS)

This level is rather deceptively difficult at first. How could 2 laser drones at a time pose a problem? They won't- but more often you'll be cramped, whilst up to 4 could be attacking you at once, if the laser drones are in the right place. Start by moving to the left and dropping down. Drop down again. Watch the angles! Make sure you only advance when it's safe, or the lasers will slaughter you. They do different stuff each round, so be prepared for anything! As you move, try to avoid getting trapped by lasers in small spaces. Once you reach the terminal, activate it, then drop down and go back through. Be careful, those angles are deceiving! Make your way to the exit, then escape this madness.


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