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Episode 82
Creator newt
N version N 1.4
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Method 1 (Speed)

Start by moving right, avoiding the laser drones by constantly moving. Hit the exit switch, grab some of the gold if you wish and wallslide down to the exit. The image to the right has the speed path outlined.

Method 2 (NEHS)

This level is a little tricky. Many ways to beat it, some safer than others. The lasers can exercise their range quite effectively. To start, immediately run to the right. Drop down, and jump up. Repeat. Run right, jump up, drop down, and keep jumping up as fast as possible to avoid the lasers. Eventually, you'll reach the terminal. Activate it, then drop down, minding the laser drones. Drop down more, and watch the angles! Keep dropping down until you reach the exit, and beat the level.


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