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Episode 82
Creator stepself
N version 1.4
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Demo 82-3/Demo


Method 1 (NEHS)

Rather a long map, and certainly not easy. This one takes patience. From the start, jump over the mine and the slope, and run up the right corner. Jump and walljump, and land on the slope. Jump onto the shallower slope, and jump up onto the little triangle. Activate the terminal, then drop down, get the gold, then walljump and clear the mines. Make your way back to the start, then jump and walljump into the center fixture. Get some gold, and avoid the gauss turret. Jump out through the upper left part.
Head down. Get some gold, and avoid the plentiful mines, and keep going. Reach the switch, flip it, then run to the left, jump, and walljump up, and climb up back to the upper left part of the level. Go right, getting some gold, avoiding more mines, and getting to the right wall. Jump and wallclimb up to the switch, flip it, then weave your way back to the upper left part. Drop down into the fixture again, avoid the gauss turret, get any gold you missed in there, then move to the right. Climb up into the tunnel, and run to the exit.


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