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Episode 83
Creator Crono
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 83-1/Demo


Method 1

From the start, move either left or right and collect the gold, then jump across the opening to collect the gold on the other side. Fall down, and begin to hold left once you pass the horizontally oriented launchpads in the middle of the shaft. Collect the exit switch on your way down and move to the left. Move around to collect the gold pieces here, but keep an eye on the drone orbiting around the alcove where the switch is located. You want to enter that area just after the drone has passed the entrance, so move towards the area once you see the drone about to pass. Enter, and follow the drone around its orbit, collecting the switch in the process. Jump over to the right side, and do this again. These two switches open the bottom enclosure where the laser drone is located. It is difficult to enter that enclosure while the laser drone is underneath the opening, as it can kill you as you try to enter. If you collected the first two switches relatively quickly, the laser drone will be in this position. Kill some time by avoiding the gauss and collecting any remaining gold pieces in the center area. Once the drone is clear of the opening, fall down through and quickly collect the two switches. Bait the drone by remaining on the floor of this area (clear of the opening so that the gauss can't snipe you through it) and once it begins to fire at you, jump to the one way platform and jump out. It is CRUCIAL that you not touch the slopes beneath the opening while exiting it, as this will slow you down and allow the gauss to kill you. Once out of the bottom area, jump up the right-hand side one-way platforms and collect the switch at the end of the tunnel. Cross the center area one final time, enter the left tunnel, collect the switch, and make your way to the exit.

Method 2


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