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Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Episode 83
Creator Maniak
N version 1.4 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

Right Side

This map can be frustrating, but isn't terribly hard. I usually start to the right. Jumping from between the two doors, jump as far right as possible, and walljump quickly to land on top of the block in the very middle. Jump up to the right, and wall jump off the block, collecting the first switch, and land on the left block, wall jump up the wall, and then across to the left wall, picking up the switch near the top. collecting the bottom three can be performed in a number of methods, and try to blow up the rocket before jumping back into the middle column.

I'm having trouble with the left, and if anyone has any tricks or better, a picture/demo, it would be well appreciated. I hope my guide to the right helped.

Left Side

To complete the left side, you'll need to keep moving and jumping along the bounceblocks without hesitating, or else the gauss turrets will shoot you. I usually start by leaning over the precipe of the central tile monolith and drop down to activate the first switch. Jump away from the wall and land on the bounceblock of the switch in the bottom left; leap off of it, get the switch, then chimney or walljump your way to the middle regions. Jump to the centremost switch and land on the centremost bounceblock before hopping to the one to the right of it -- you can then chimney up the above bounceblocks to the top-right switch. After getting that one, jump off the wall and fall to the remaining switch that is positioned at the horizontal centre of the left room. It's best to land on the top of the bouceblock southwest of it, or catch the side of it, otherwise you're ninja will splatter upon the lower bounceblocks from falling too far. Onwards to the end now, just plummet to block that's southwest to the doors and then proceed to hop in.

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