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Dodging Bullets


Episode 85
Creator Musicwumusic
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 85-2/Demo


Method 1

This level requires excellent touch and control, and is guaranteed to raise the number of times your ninja is killed by mines. Run up the first slope, and when you are on the very top, let go of all arrows and let the ninja slide down the slope. Go forward carefully, and walk out to the edge of this next ledge. As soon as you can tell the ninja is going to tip over, hold the arrow back toward the ledge. If you fall over the ledge, you will immediately grab on the to the ledge, then slide down, and don't release the wall. If you go back to the top of the ledge, you were not far enough out over the ledge and must try again. Run down this slope and hold right as you barely tap a jump across this little gap, and either use your momentum or take another jump up this slope, and land on the small ledge at the top. Tip-toe to the edge of this ledge again, and just barely tip yourself over the ledge. You must be holding back toward the left the whole time, or else you will fall straight onto a mine. If you pull it off correctly, you will fall back under the ledge and slide down this slope. Wait until you are very close to the mines, and then just tap the jump key. You should have a low jump that goes very close the ground and snags the key. If you fail to get the key, you need to slide back down the steep slope (hold the right arrow, or else you will fly off into the mines), jump back across the gap, and take another jump at the key. Once you have gotten the key, the trickiest part begins. You have to have good speed up this hill, or else you will slide back down, but you must stop near the very top, and just barely tip over. If you do it successfully, hold the left arrow, slide down to the exit, and don't you dare let go of that wall.

Note: You don't need to jump to get the terminal. Just carefully slide down the ledge and you'll still be able to get back on the ledge.

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