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Pressed for Time



Episode 86
Creator Kablizzy
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 86-2/Demo

A slightly aggravating but rather simple 'balance' level which thankfully has no enemies.

There are faster ways of completing this method, but this is one in which all the gold can be collected.

Start by moving to the first bump on the right, then run left and up the slope of the bump which you started on. This momentum should carry you to the slope of the first triangle. Collect all the gold here and jump off the slope of the triangle onto the flat part of the second triangle. For the next triangle, you will need to stand on the very peak to get to the one above you. Repeat these processes ((1) and (2)) where necessary until you're at the top. (1) Jumping from the peak to the flat surface (2) Jumping from the slope to the flat surface At this point you need to jump off the top triangle's slope and grab the switch. You can then either plunge to the exit or move to the other side, collecting all of that gold as you move down through the triangles.

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