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N 87-3
Well... This is a difficult stage, but you can do it if you follow these little tips (the red road is to open the switches and the green to exit):

1) Let's start with the Rockets because they are more difficult: Rocket to the bottom, in the red square go slowly up the wall (red square) until the homing launcher shoots the rocket, then you jump to the wall switch and the Rocket will pass over your head. To exit, jump with care, making sure you avoid the zap drone. For the rocket bit at the top, jump as shown in the picture and wait in the red square for the homing launcher. Jump to the wall switch and the Rocket will pass under you. To get out, jump down, making sure you stay clear of the zap drone once again.

2) Well, we're going to the zap drones at the bottom now. Wait for the Bot to go through the wall of the left and jump without fear. Nothing but fall, jumping to the other side and press the switch. To exit, jump as shown in the drawing, ensuring that the drone is on the left wall (travelling down). For the top, jump when necessary (when the drone just pass you) and press the switch. Expect to return to meet the drone again, and jump directly to the floor.

3) Now go to down to the area with the solitary mine in the bottom right corner and wait until the drone is coming down the wall, grab and jump to the wall (without neglecting the drone). Take the switch and when the drone passes over your head, go out jumping. Use the same method to the top.

4) To complete the level; If you've done everything else, this part is simple. On the left, jump as the rocket fires, take the switch and let the rocket detonate below you, and leave as quickly as possible, or the drone might hit you. On the right, just evade the guass turret and run left and you'll have beaten the level. By Keyan

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