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Episode 87
Creator Lancer0
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 87-4/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

Jump on the slope, and with the additional speed from the jump, hit the slight downwards slope, run up the left wall and jump, then walljump off the left wall and propel yourself to the bounceblock. If you had enough speed, you should hit the side of the bounceblock; from there, jump onto the top of it. Doublejump, jumping off the wall to the right with a lot of speed in order to land on the right wall before the first thwump. Cautiously slip down to the slope part; on the slope, lightly jump off, landing at the thwump spot.

The thwump should be quicker than you at landing, so you likely will hit the left edge of the thwump. As it rises back up, run to the right side, and jump, landing in between the (4th and 5th, counting from left) mines of the slope. Immediately jump over to the left wall, then walljump off to the right to the tip. Then jump and land in between the mines on the floor. Alternatively, from the left wall, jump all the way to the right side of the rightmost mine on the level.

Slip down, then jump to the exit switch. Then jump down to the little area jutting out, where there are no mines. From here, either jump straight down and left to the next area (getting the gold), or just cautiously fall down and land in between the first two mines, then jump into the next area.

This last part is arguably the most difficult. Run along the slope, and walljump off to land on the slope above the mine. Here comes the tricky part; getting past the thwump. It is impossible to outbeat the thwump immediately, so wait for the thwump to start descending before jumping over it. Sounds easy, but is difficult. Be careful not to jump too high as to hit the mines.

Afterwards, fall down, stop your fall on the slope, and reach the exit door the same way you did in the beginning.


Method 2 (Highscore)

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