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Mount Doom


Episode 89
Creator maximo
N version 1.4 and later
Fastest Time 133.475
Fastest Player vankusss
Demo 89-4/Demo

Mount Doom is famous for being one of the most difficult N levels, often rated just second after 88-4 Mother Thumping Impossible. One of the greatest duels took place on this level, witnessed by the N community between Vankusss and EddyMataGallos, as seen on the forums here. After multiple innovations and constant changing of hands, vankusss emerged glorious with his score of 133.475.


Method 1Edit

Get ready for a long level. The best way to do this is to look for ANY gaps in the mines, follow with your eyes where the holes go, and determine the best route. It's highly recommended to pause to do this. Or, you can just follow the map at the bottom of this page. :-3. Once you hit the exit switch, go down into the "mountain". There is a Zap Drone and a Chaingun Drone, but they shouldn't give you too much trouble. Just be careful you don't hit some of the mines at the top of the base. There are some at the bottom, but you shouldn't have much trouble. Also look out for the Thwumps- they are hard to see. They appear on corners of the platforms. They should be easy to dodge when you see them. Hit the door switches, then get the hell outta there. Be CAREFUL. Look for the gaps to get through, and go to the start, walljump to the top, and VICTORY!


Congratulations on getting the Light Gray ninja!!!

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