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Episode 92
Creator Metanet
N version 1.4
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Demo 92-4/Demo

92-4 is one of the smallest levels in the original levels designed by metanet.


Upon release of the game, the highscores were quickly maxed out at 106.125 by great_sea and 19 more people, closing the boards, since the normal clockwise completion route is short and fairly straightforward. Soon after, kryX-orange found a quicker way to complete the level going counter-clockwise, beating the top drone around the corner to take the level 0th, however it is likely that this run was illegitimately gained by cheating software. So difficult was this innovation, that no one completed the level that way for four years. In 2008, both lookatthis and xaelar used the route and beat kryX, and xaelar again maxed out the score with 107.525, although this time it was unlikely the boards were going to max out due to the difficulty of the route. In 2009, macrohenry completed the route as well. In 2010, Hendor managed it, and became the last player to achieve it. As of March 2011, just those 4 people had completed kryx's innovation realtime. On May 4 2011, Arctic_Pony eclipsed xaelar's 107.525 run with another astonishing innovation by going clockwise again but this time beating a drone to take the 0th by 2.1 seconds with a time of 109.625. Once again, Pony maxed out the score, as has been proved by means of MBD. Since then, a total of 8 people have executed that route, including Pony.


Method 1 (by Davitto) Edit

This level is easy if you look closely at the movements of the drones, going right is easier, first, you walk just left to the door, wait until the drone comes up, and jump over it. Quickly go up and past the drone on the right wall, it won't get to you if you do it right, activate the door switch, and wait there for the drone to return, when it starts going down again, that is your chance, go down, but be careful as the drone will keep going straight, so you need to enter the niche for a moment and go down fast, the door is just a few steps away!

Method 2 (by Giardia) Edit

This level appears easy, but can be quite challenging. Wait until the drone on the left-hand side has gone into the indentation and jump up in. The drone should go right past you. After it does, walljump into the top indentation and wait for the top drone to move completely to the right. When it is almost ready to come down into the bowl, move left and jump over it. Stand on the small projection in the top right-hand corner until the right drone goes into the bowl. After it does, jump in, go out, and run at the door like a madman.

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