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Episode 99
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

The mines placed on the corners of the platforms can make the level frustrating, but overall the level isn't too difficult. To go up the platforms, jump to the wall in between the mines and then either walljump above the top mine or walljump in the opposite direction to land on the next platform.

Since the level is fairly open, any route will get you to the top, but it is easiest to stay around the middle. To avoid the thwumps, either move really fast or, since the top thwump is activated last, jump over the middle thwump as it comes by. Be careful not to actually land on the middle thwump, because then you won't be able to drop down fast enough before being hit by the top thwump.

On the top level, as the bottom and middle thwumps pass by, jump above them. If you activate the top thwump, there still should be enough time to drop down; if not, then this will activate the top thwump. Jump over to the right side and grab the exit switch.


Getting down is slightly more difficult. If you moved fast enough, the top thwump from the second level from the bottom should be returning. Jump onto it, and then walk off of it and land on the side of the first platform between the two mines and then immediately walljump off. Run left to the exit; congratulations on beating the 90s column!


Method 2