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Tragedy follows the story of Aju.

The Story of Aju

In 2005, Aju was a popular kid at school. He had almost all the friends and the girls. Virtually nothing could stop him. He dominated almost everything, from the real and internet world. If you did not know Aju, you were messed up.

Act 1: The beginning

Aju was following a path of greatness. If his life continued the way it was going, he would have it all. But unfortunatly, that was when school ended.

Now, school ending wasn't too much of a problem. Aju had many friends online, and could cement his many friendships without actually seeing them. When it came vacation time, however, Aju would be isolated. That is when the most damage happened.

Act 2: Addiction

On vacation, Aju brought his laptop. At first, he thought it would be a great idea. Little did he know it would be a burden in the years to come.

Aju could get internet on the laptop, but not AIM. So, Aju spent his time looking at his favorite websites. One of these websites was

While looking at one day, Aju came across N. He immediatly became hooked, and played it for the remainder of his vacation. When he got back, his addiction continued. He forgot about everything other than N. He forgot about AIM, and lost his friends from the lack of communication.

Act 3: Remorse

At first, Aju was oblivious. Coming into 7th grade, he never saw any of his old friends, and honestly didn't care. For months Aju played N, and never spoke to his old friends. They were practically non-existent.

Nearing the end of 7th grade, however, Aju realized how much he missed his friends, and how badly he needed them. Aju had fallen in love with a girl, and if he still had his old friends, he could get her. In 6th grade, Aju even saw her daily. Only with his friends, though.

Act 4: Defeat

The addiction to N made him forget about his friends, so he stopped talking to the girl. Aju realized how much he could have had if he had his old friends. Now, he stands alone, stripped of everything except N. All his desires have been lost to N.


Aju now makes maps, and is an active member on the N IRC channel. Looks 10 years old, despite being 13.


Aju has also posted a picture featuring himself and his sister in a forum topic of posting an image of your self in real life. Blue Tetris has recently mentioned on N IRC of how he strives sexual desires of Aju's sister. Aju actually laughs at the whole situation. Lately more people have been descripting of how they are sexually attracted to her.

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