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An all-gold demo (or AGD) is a demo of a map in which the ninja collects all possible gold in the level. When players create one of these demos, they often say that they "all-golded" a map or level. They can post these either on the Metanet Forums or on NUMA (even more so on NUMA).

Creating an all-gold demo is sometimes quite challenging and sometimes impossible depending on the difficulty of the level they are playing and the position of the gold itself. For example, all-golding 91-4 ("blastphemy") can be a real challenge for a lot of players, although highscorers constantly manage to accomplish this feat. All-golding a map is not always beneficial; this is usually because it's not worth the 2 seconds it takes to obtain a piece, or they are going purely for speed as in speedrun mode.

  • 91-4: Blastphemy
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