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This is an indepth description of creating an Area Trigger.

Area Triggers:
You have to start off knowing your area where you want to be, for example, I have marked off the area here with a box of gold. The first number you want is the top left hand side of the box. That number was given to me: 672.444 (which just a half step from 670,430 and a lot simpler to use for our purposes). See URL below.

Now that you have your area defined, you want the top left number and the bottom right number (to form the area rectangle). I assume you just wanted to use a drone that starts only when you have entered the circle. The regular Drone data is this: 6^540,468,3,0,0,2 . The Drone is the object you want triggered, so that is where you place this at the end of the drone data: ^^waitForTrigger ID (0 or 1),startTriggersID,stopTriggersID,startSpecialTriggersID,stopSpecialTriggersID . Now then, I now want the drone to be stationary initially, so that makes the waitForTrigger 1. 0 is false, and 1 is true. So right now I would put ^^1 at the end of the drone data. The start trigger should be any number between 1 and 99, for this example, I will choose 9. You want the drone to wait for the trigger, but start when the trigger is activated (i.e. when the ninja goes in the correct area). That means that I want to add to the end of the drone code ^^1,9 as explained above. You can omit the startSpecialTriggersID and the stopSpecialTriggersID since we are not using them this time. Your final drone data code looks like this: !6^540,468,3,0,0,2^^1,9 .

Now we need to code the actual area trigger. The code for that is ||||||objectnumber^x0.y0:x1.y1^startTriggersID,stopTriggersID,specialOnTriggersID,specialOffTriggersID. Okay, the object number here is the object number of the thing that will set off the trigger. In this case, it will be the ninja, since it is the ninja that will be going into the selected area, making the trigger set off. The Object number for the ninja is 5 (you can find that here ). So far what we have is ||||||5^ the next thing we need to know is top left coordinate and the bottom right coordinate. The top right coordinate is 670.430 and the bottom right coordinate is 768.576 , so that makes our code so far ||||||5^670.430:768.576 We are getting close now! The only thing that you need now is the StartTriggersID. Remember earlier, we defined that as 9? Well its the same here, and now out code is ||||||!5^670.430:768.576^9 . Again you can omit the other variables since we didn't define them earlier. That is your final code for the area trigger.

When you put it all together, you get !6^540,468,3,0,0,2^^1,9||||||!5^670.430:768.576^9 , which should work. Here is the final map with the gold border. See URL Below

And the final map with the gold border removed:

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