ari22hoops (14 November 2012)


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69 Scores

442 Points
948 0ths

Other achievements
• 2nd runner-up in Bounty Hunters
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Joined the forums on 6 January 2010

ari22hoops is an active highscorer and speedrunner who joined the forums on 6 January 2010. He competed in Blur 4, finishing 12th in the highscore category. Over time, ari22hoops gradually improved his skill level and began taking several Metanet top-20s, and committed a fair chunk of time to playing NReality levels. As of 14 November 2012 he is ranked 26th with 69 Metanet top-20s and 1st behind only EddyMataGallos with 948 legit NReality level top-20s, and is tied with LouDog004 for episode top-20s with all 200 legit episode top-20s. (Note that "legit" runs don't include runs made using early versions of NReality, and hence skew the tables in favour of newer players). In the NReality levels, ari22hoops ranks 0th in top-20s with 570, and 4th in 0ths with 26. He is also 0th in episode 0th in the NReality levels, with 25.