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Arstar is an [ RPG] founded by [[Metanet Forums]] member [[Aphex]]. It containins many members of the forums, including [[ChaoStar]], [[Communist]], [[Drathmoore]], [[Universezero]], [[BionicCryonic|Bio]], and more. The main amount of their Role Playing takes part on the [[IRC]] at [[]], in the channel #arstar. Anyone can join the game at any point.
''Arstar. It started with one man's ambition to escape from his homeland. What it became, and still is, is a story of great adventure, of daring battles, of love and hatred, of families and magick. It tells the story of a group of people, who while all different, are inextricably linked together. It is a story that knows no end - that knows no bounds. The downfall of a vicious dictator, the remaking of the very world... These are but the beginnings.''
The plot to the whole story is very complex; the whole thing can be read [ here], on the Arstar Wiki.
===External Links===
[ The Arstar Wiki]
[ The Metanet Forums Arstar Topic]
[irc:// Arstar Server] (join channel #arstar)

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