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Arstar is an RPG founded by Metanet Forums member Aphex. It containins many members of the forums, including ChaoStar, Communist, Drathmoore, Universezero, Bio, and more. The main amount of their Role Playing takes part on the IRC at mountai.net, in the channel #arstar. Anyone can join the game at any point.


Arstar. It started with one man's ambition to escape from his homeland. What it became, and still is, is a story of great adventure, of daring battles, of love and hatred, of families and magick. It tells the story of a group of people, who while all different, are inextricably linked together. It is a story that knows no end - that knows no bounds. The downfall of a vicious dictator, the remaking of the very world... These are but the beginnings.

The plot to the whole story is very complex; the whole thing can be read here, on the Arstar Wiki.

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Arstar Server (join channel #arstar)

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