Arstar was created by mapper and forum member Aphex_n. It's a steam-punk style forum RPG which mutated to an IRC-based RPG (, in the channel #arstar). After the inital post a few signed up, with other joining and quiting as the game progressed. Notable players include: ChaoStar; Communist; Drathmoore; Universezero; Bio and (for just a single post) Izzy. The original DM (Dungeon Master) was Aphex_n, but after quiting it became a joint effort; led mainly by ChaoStar, Communist and Uzi. Anyone can join the game at any point, however the game has become extremely complicated; to join now would require a large amount of reading of various resources (see external links below).


Arstar. It started with one man's ambition to escape from his homeland. What it became, and still is, is a story of great adventure, of daring battles, of love and hatred, of families and magick. It tells the story of a group of people, who while all different, are inextricably linked together. It is a story that knows no end - that knows no bounds. The downfall of a vicious dictator, the remaking of the very world... These are but the beginnings.

The plot to the whole story is very complex; the whole thing can be read here, on the Arstar Wiki.

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Arstar Server (join channel #arstar)

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