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atob "smiling"

astheoceansblue, also known as a happy song on the forums and formerly known as wilderness, pariah, and glassdanse, or simply atob, is a Global Moderator on the Metanet Forums, and a former administrator on NUMA. He is a prominent and semi-active map maker, returning briefly in 2022 to submit five new maps, when prior to that he had only submitted one map in the previous nine years.

Mapping Career[]

Some users say that atob is a mapmaker who is physically incapable of making a map that deserves a rating less than four on NUMA. In fact, all of his maps [1] are above four, except a few due to sniping. His maps can be found here.

Map Packs[]

atob has made several map packs since joining the forums:

Besides these inself-produced map packs, he was also involved with The Camisade Collection.

Community Achievements[]

atob has recieved first place in various Metanet Forum competitions, including Nedcon 7, the MiniMaps Contest, the 9x9 Contest and the One Enemy Contest. atob also received two Dronies during the 2008 Awards, winning the 2008 Survival Map of the Year for the map WARNING Forever and the 2008 Community Recognition Award.

atob is the author of the Map Theory Guide The Importance of Function & Form

As of 2024, atob has 30 featured maps, exceeded only by PALEMOON's 41 and Yahoozy's even greater 45.

External Projects and Hobbies[]

atob is a member of the band the forest and the fire. His steam user profile can be found here.