Atramentis, also known as Jared, is a well-known mapmaker on NUMA. At one point he deleted all of his maps because they were victims of voting abuse, but he eventually decided to resubmit them.

How to Disappear Temporarily[]

On 13 June, 2006, The Daily Llama (aka formica) claimed Atramentis was hit by a car and killed whilst listening to headphones[1]. His impassioned post on the forums claimed he was in intensive care for around 18 hours before dying. Many members of the community were saddened by the news that Atramentis was dead.

Two years later, Atramentis returned with a post revealing his death was a hoax concocted by him and The Daily Llama[2]. The Metanet community was again saddened by the news, and many reacted with some anger[3] and by filling the topic with pony pictures[4], non sequiturs[5], recordings[6], and general spam[7]. By the time the topic was closed, it had turned into a game of hangman[8] and Kablizzy had briefly returned to "throw down a gigantic "Fuck you" in your [Atramentis's] direction and TDL's direction"[9].

blue_tetris sarcastically reading the Atramentis hoax reveal