A popular mapmaker, with some of the most beloved maps ever to grace N. Unfortunately, Barabajagal decided to delete all of his maps. His final words were, "I was beginning to be proud of those maps. That annoyed me." At that point, he left the community, with all of his maps gone. But through the coordinated efforts of several of the forum members, his maps were recovered. You can find them here.

However, a while later, Barabajagal came back and started producing even more high-quality maps for the community. He was even involved with The Camisade Collection. He is still considered as an all-time great mapmaker. His talent at mapmaking lead him to win the prestigious award of mapmaker of the year, 2006 at The Dronies.

Amadeus (Ganteka) has composed a complete collection of all the maps that Barabajagal has ever shown to the community, found here.

Level Pack[]

He has been involved in the following 7 packs:

Barabajagal - The Complete Compendium was a compilation with 682 levels made by Amadeus in 19 Jul 2009 which compil every single level create by the famous Barabajagal, including :

-Bonus Levels
-Aura Sacre Fame
-The Camisade Collection
-The Barabajagal Episodium
-The Generica Series
-The Framework Series
-Numa submissions
And many more...

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