BitesizeNUMA is a defunct website created by Sweep.

The correct title of this article is bitesizeNUMA. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

According to the site, "bitesizeNUMA was a website of the best maps on NUMA, as chosen by NUMA's members themselves and updated around the clock with the freshest new great maps from NUMA. Whenever a member adds a map, the site was updated. This would usually happen several times a day, so keep checking the site."

All registrations to bitesizeNUMA were given out by Sweep, and were done so at his discretion. The site no longer exists because it was integrated into NUMA when Sweep became a NUMA administrator, and when NUMA was remodeled, bitesizeNUMA was completely removed from the system, the only remaining evidence is tags on bitesized maps.

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