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Blue tetris

Dave's 'Holier Than Thou' glasses

Blue_tetris (a.k.a. BT, bt or Dave on the Metanet Forums) is a rather devious person. He has made several very difficult maps, including the infamous Mother Thumping Impossible, level 88-4 in N, which won The Dronies of 2005 category Overall Map of the Year. He has nearly 300 maps that are currently on NUMA. He has a very eccentric and zany personality and is quite the quirky individual. He has a sharp (yet bizarre) sense of humor and considers himself witty and bromide. Cross paths with him, and you'll be lucky to escape with your sanity intact, let alone your genitals.

Blue_tetris has a N Webcomic entitled The Real N, which has over 120 episodes so far. He's very active on the Metanet Forums, especially within the Role-Playing Games, Serious Discussion, and Bash 'n' Thrash sections. In addition, he is a global moderator of the forum. Blue_tetris has a number of alter-egos, most of which end with "_tetris". His most widely referenced alter ego is dr_tetris_PhD, which he commonly uses on the forums and the N IRC, on which he goes more than six hours a day. Dr_tetris_PhD is a supposed psychologist with a number of other important degrees. His other alter-egos, such as orange_tetris and christopher_lloyd_tetris, have similarly quirky personalities. These accounts were created primarily as a prank, but have served him other purposes within the community as well.

Blue_tetris is involved in Legacy as one of their newest members and is the honky that made demonically hard levels for the project;  these levels have since influenced many players to commit suicide due to their ridiculous difficulty and high frustration. Rest assured, if blue_tetris were to get assassinated, it would likely be for this reason. He possessed the account named Minitrue, a global moderator on the forums, which he used to modify people's posts and cause havoc. He lives in Huntington, WV.

Blue_tetris and Kablizzy were both involved in The Tetris Takeover in the forums.

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