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Brett_Sully_ is an inactive Welsh highscorer who started playing N in September 2004 and quit playing around June 2006. He joined the forum community in 2005 and left during 2007 to spend time competing professionally at Halo 2 in the UK and the USA.

In his own words, he achieved all 600 top-20 scores at one time, although he was probably one of the first 20 people to finish the game, and therefore most likely meant he automatically had all 600 top-20 scores. This has never been officially reported, since NHigh was released in January 2006, and the oldest NHigh file is from 20 January 2006, where he had already fallen down to only 237 scores.

He also peaked at 12 0ths, some time during 2005.

Statistics for Brett_Sully_ as of 23 April 2013:

Number of 0ths: 1 (ranked #24) (59-0 tie.)

Number of top-20 highscores: 15 (ranked #67)

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