NUMA appearance[]


The 3rd NUMA account of Pixelwiz was solely meant to be a troll account when it was first created. Its talking style was similar to that of Dimentio's (Super Paper Mario) and it had the annoying habit of giving well-known NUMA users the 'Welcome to NUMA' greeting. This account was heavily attacked by other users stating that this account was indeed a muli-account of Pixelwiz, as well as the 2nd account N_Comix_Forever

Forum appearance[]


When Pixelwiz finally found the forums, he created the forum account for ChaoNebularLegend instead of his main account Pixelwiz. He waited one week before creating the Pixelwiz account on the forums, and acted as if they were two separate people, much like on NUMA. Eventually, another account named ChivikryJavam was created and the forum admin maestro placed an IP ban and promptly deleted ChivikryJavam. LegendaryFruitJuice hasn't been deleted but has not been used since that day.


ChaoNebularLegend on NUMA became Pixelwiz's account for really bad concept/test maps. However, it is considered by both Pixelwiz and the entire community as a dead account.