Chrdrenkmann is an active user and reviewer on NUMA from Germany. He has submitted his first map in December 2008 and is known for his large amount of episodes. There aren't a lot of maps which don't belong to his episodic ones. Chrdrenkmann got better from column to column and became a talented author over time. His influences are often AMomentLikeThis and cucumber_boy, who are also his favorite authors. That's why his favorite style often incorporates a less-is-more aesthetic.

Notable facts:

  • Chrdrenkmann wanted to leave NUMA four times, but he never did it for long.
  • Chrdrenkmann is 24 years old.
  • After finishing his first 100 episodes he decided to add colons in his titles. The reason is that kkstrong makes the same with his episodes.
  • Chrdrenkmann makes episodes because he loves numbers. Episodes make it easier to find maps more quickly, too.
  • He has a traditional first post for his maps. (Headline: "AGD", Comment: "[]" (can't be seen) + an AGD)
  • His number of favorites was about 500, but he changed it to about 80 because he wants to have more of his own maps than favorites.
  • He has six featured maps so far.
  • Chrdrenkmann has the most episodes on NUMA (14/12/2015).
  • Chrdrenkmann's map pack account is called AdorableRabbit, and contains the "Hypothesis" column, "Lost Episodes", and two featured maps.
  • He posted his 1000th map on 12/12/2015.
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