ChrisE is a mapper located in Lincolnshire, England.

In the Beginning...[]

ChrisE joined NUMA on the 21st December 2008, and quickly became a regular mapper. He has a close friendship with several other mappers, most notably karmap0lice and furry_ant. After some persuasion from Kool-aid, he started highscoring in early March 2009, but to Kool's horror scores NUMA maps, rather than the Metanet levels. He much prefers competition when highscoring, and struck up a great relationship with the other highscorers, such as van, kkstrong and izzy.


Originally, ChrisE made simple maps with very few tiles and objects, but developed into a "full-size" mapper. He hasn't developed a style of his own, and fell out with Radium over the issue of ChrisE being "a copycat mapper". While this is probably true, ChrisE continues to draw inspiration from mappers such as Furry_Ant, southpaw and PALEMOON.

Map Packs[]

ChrisE has released 2 Map Packs so far, one of which (24) was abandoned due to its scale. The other, "A Retile Pack" received one review, a positive one, and southpaw is yet to get back to him after promising to play it.

Collab Groups[]

ChrisE is part of 3 mainstream collab groups and packs. The foremost being orangekraken, of which he is a co-founder. He is also a part of the slow-moving MotA, and TSI. He has often mentioned his scepticism about MotA, and almost dropped out of the group, but hasn't made a map for it in ages.

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