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Chris_Hipser was just an amateur when he joined the N community in 2004, but after abandoning the game for a year, returned to become an advanced N player and is currently vying for a spot on the top 20 scorers list with players like HeartView, wedgie123, and tktktk. As one of the first 20 people to complete the first Legacy Challenge, he is a Legacy Elite or Legacy Finalist. That means coolness...

He's been playing the violin for 11 years and he enjoys it as his primary pass time, second only to N. His quest for peace, justice, and love in the world is going smashingly. The most important number in his life is, of course, 22.

Chris (me, because I'm egocentric enough to edit my own meaningless N @ wikia article) currently attends Princeton University. He doesn't know why. Also, sadly, he now has no time for N. Still, he looks back fondly on the simpler days when all he needed to know was that one gold equals 2 seconds of life...

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