clux is an inactive Norwegian gamer and N highscorer who studied mathematics at Warwick University in England. He appeared out of nowhere with some astounding highscores runs such as 02-3, 30-2 and 67-1. His first 0th was on 70-0, an outstanding run for which he won a Dronie for the 2007 run of the year. It would take roughly 7 years for this run to be beaten. His penchant was certainly for short levels (he also had 0ths on 77-4 and 82-0, for example); however, his former 0ths on 70-2 and 70-4 showed that he was more than capable on longer levels. He also held 0ths at on every level from episode 70 during the early part of his career.

According to clux himself, other games he excels at include Trackmania Nations, Quake and Minesweeper. As of 8 November 2012, clux still held 4 0ths, but he lost these over the course of 2013 and 2014, losing his final 0th after holding it for more than 8 years. Clux was especially renowned for his ability to claim 0ths on levels that seem maxed out such as 05-2 with ultra clean runs or subtle innovations; however, this run has since been eclipsed by Raif. He was last seen submitting some speedruns on some NReality levels in October 2010. According to ska's list of most influential N players of all time, clux is the 8th most influential N player ever.

Highscores statistics for clux as of 28 March 2022:

Number of 0th: 0

Number of top-20 highscores: 57  (ranked #30)