Configure Menu[]

The Configure Menu consists of many panels that control the game's preferences. Many of these only apply to version 1.4.


Key Config[]

The panel "key config" is located in the upper-right corner. It determines which keyboard buttons control the ninja's actions, including movement, pausing, and killing the ninja, as well as the "boss mode" button. Below is the volume control, a slider that can move from 0 to 100. The lowest button resets the buttons to their defaults.

Visual Quality[]

This panel changes the visual quality between either "med" (Medium) or "high". It is located next to "key config", to the left.

Practice Mode[]

This panel switches Practice Mode on or off. It is located below "visual quality".

Import Progress From v1.3[]

This button is located to the left of "practice mode". It allows the player to import any progress from the previous version into 1.4.

Online Highscore Submission[]

This panel switches online highscoring on or off, as well as a login and account creation feature that applies to the highscores and NUMA. It is located below "key config". There are two buttons that apply to the account boxes: one creates the new user with the nickname used, the other logs in as that user (assuming that the username and password are correct).

Flavour Selection[]

This panel allows the player to select the ninja's flavour, or color. It is located to the left of "online highscore submission".