Daddaluma has been on the N forums longer than anyone aside from the creators and the Original Administrator Keron Cyst. This therefore means that Daddaluma is The Lord of All Things N, and you should worship him appropriately. Due to his status as The Lord of All Things N, Daddaluma's name is displayed in bright bolded green at the bottom of the forum and he is the only person in existence with his own personal user group, FF6 Miniboss.

Daddaluma is famous for his oppressive intellect and his legendarily bad map-making skills; visit his NUMA page for evidence of this fact. He has a modest post count and a very low Post Per Day count, which means that each of his contributions is ever so much more valuable than the average post. Daddaluma posting in one of your topics is a landmark event and you should treasure the experience for the rest of your days.

Notable Achievements[]

Daddaluma's notable achievements include showing up on the Gamehippo forums at the exact time that Keron Cyst had created the N forums (April 2, 2004), thus allowing him to attain his current status of The Lord of All Things N. He also was the sole creator and author of the longest and most successful RPG in the board's history. He is also the only prominent member who has never had a signature (until he discovered this page and decided to link to it).