deep_blue is an experienced mapper who started mapping in late 2010 and quickly attained a personal style easily identified when looking at the thumbnails. He kept mapping since then, improving his maps quality, and has never stopped; and as of March 2014, he has over 790 maps published under his NUMA account, five of which have been featured.


  • Trashmarch: A live mappack which was published in Summer 2013 in NUMA.
  • Cranberrio: This is a live mappack which he published during October 2012 in NUMA and consists on 14 maps.
  • MOSS: This mappack, which is still incomplete, will consist on 10 columns made in collab with zoasBE. On November 2012, the first column was released, and on December 2012, the post was updated by releasing the second column. Therefore, a total 100 maps are already published.
  • Masks : A tileset collection of different masks. Published during late Jan 2014 - Feb 2014.

He has a brother on NUMA, who used to be called deep_green, is now carrotengine.