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Doors are one of the most used objects in levels and maps. There are three kinds of these objects. One of them acts like a real door, where you can go through it. The other two act more like barriers. To see more information on each door, click the links below.

By standing on the opposite side of a door, the ninja becomes protected from all enemies (except for thwumps and floorguards) on the other side. On very isolated occasions, the ninja may be shifted from its present course by a door or stand atop the door's narrow width for just a moment. This does not interfere with gameplay significantly and may even provide advantageous potential.

Doors promote one of the most useful glitches in N. If either a locked door or a trap door are touching an open exit, your ninja can just touch the door without opening it and the game will recognize it beating the level. This is useful for levels that are annoying and have a number of switches in it, like 37-3: Cubish.

  • 37-3: Cubish

Types of DoorEdit

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