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EdoI, picture taken on June 9, 2009

EdoI was born on 24th of September 1995 (which makes him 13), in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Early days Edit

He joined on April 10, 2008 to the old forums under the name VanGogh, with only one purpose - to publish a map pack called NLympics[1], that contained EdoI's first maps. On the old forums all of his posts (there were twenty of them) were related to NLympics.

New forum and present Edit

He joined to the new forums soon after it was formed (precisely September 26, 2008). He became an active member and participated in most of its dicussions and; at the moment (July 13, 2009), he has wrote 671 posts. He's leading in Race to a Billion, a forum game started by 29403 and continued by 999_Springs.

Mapping and presence on NUMA Edit

EdoI has registered on the NUMA on September 20, 2008. As previously stated, his first map was in the NLympics map pack, not NUMA. As of July 13, 2009, he's submitted 34 maps. Nowadays EdoI's mapping priorities goes to Memoir of the Ancients - a massive map pack, and he's submitting maps to NUMA only when they get rejected for the map pack. He has also taken The NUMA Pledge[2].

Highscoring Edit

EdoI is an amateur highscorer. He often comes to the IRC channel dedicated for highscorers. EdoI's biggest successes are 4th at 46-1 (level) and 3rd on episode 39.

References Edit

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  2. The NUMA Pledge

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