Ranking Spot Score
0th Rankings
Top-20 Rankings
Lvl 0th Rankings
Ep 0th Rankings
Total Lvl Score
Total Points
3 0ths
584 Scores
0 0ths
3 0ths
7877 Points
Personal Bests
• 82 0ths (20 September 2010)
• 586 Top-20 Scores (2012)

Other Achievements
7th highscorer to reach 70000 Level Score
4th highscorer to reach 71000 Level Score
1st highscorer to reach 35000 Episode Score

eru_bahagon is a Swiss highscorer who is renowned for his ability to get very good runs on a diverse range of maps, as well as his past episode scores dominance from 2010 to 2012. He started highscoring in 2007 and rapidly began amassing loads of top-20 scores. He peaked at 82 0ths on 20 September 2010 (Ranked 2nd), over 2/3 of these being episode 0ths (over half of all possible epsodes). He was ranked 9th on ska's list of most influential N players of all time.

He was the 4th highscorer to ever achieve 71000 seconds of Total Level Score and the first highscorer of only 3 to have ever been able to achieve 35000 seconds of Total Episode Score, which he achieved in a massive Episode 0th rampage in the middle of 2010 (at his peak).

During this rampage, eru managed to reach almost 60 episode 0ths, possibly the maximum reached up to that point. As of July 2014 though, he is down to 3.

He also reached the top spot on the Metanet top-20 scores after passing lookatthis, and peaked at 586 top-20 scores during 2012 until EddyMataGallos passed him.

He left the comunnity in 2011, and therefore his activity since the middle of 2011 has been almost non-existant, except for some top-20s he attained in early 2012.

He is also known for having re-developed the NHigh software, originally created by jg9000. He has added an enormous amount of new options, rankings and reports, and has made it 10 times more functional and useful.

As of 18 October 2012, he was ranked 5th in the Metanet 0th Rankings with 31 0ths, (29 of these being episode 0ths for which category he is ranked 0th) and has 586 top-20 scores, ranked 2nd. He was also ranked 0th in Total Episode Score and Total Episode Points.

On 19 July 2014, he was ranked 11th in the Metanet 0th Rankings with 3 0ths, all of them being episodes. He now had 584 top20 scores, ranked 3rd. Regarding the episode boards, he was no longer 0th, now standing 2nd in both Total Episode Score and Total Episode Points.