Espada777777 was once known for making a large number of low-quality maps for NUMA in a short time and for their generally offensive themes. He has produced over 400 maps, most of them with a 1 0r 2 rating.

However, during 2008, he began to put more time into his levels and to get better ratings. He produced a number of reasonable n-arts and some well-rated levels. He is known for his series of n-art parodies of Harry Potter, dubbed "harryandthepotter".

In late July of 2009, he submitted the n-art The Glasses Are Off, in which Espada depicted a fight taking place between PALEMOON, Harry Potter, and a nuke. Over the course of three days, the map garnered over 250 ratings, leading some people to highlight the flaws of the rating system as to how n-arts affect them. Nevertheless, the map displays Espada's superior artistic capabilities and it had become a prominent part of NUMA's n-art galleries.


Dronies 2009

  • 1st place in the category N-Art of the Year with 25% of the overall votes. ]{NO3 came in second, followed by im_bad_at_N.
  • 5th place in the category N-Art of the Year with 8% of the overall votes.