"Caligo Dominus corrumpo nostra hostilis vomica lemma per insania et perficio sensus tormina lemma Dagoth Dominus adflicto lemma totus!"

- 3v!1, on ignorance

"Grammar Nazi!"

- Brick-top, on 3v!1

Evil___, or 3v!1, is a somewhat well-known mapmaker who made his name creating tilesets, often with nigh-on impossible-to-navigate spiky tiles, and difficult, if effective, maps.

Joining in early 2006, Evil___ entered NUMA as member number 5747 with simple, average-rated DDAs and small maps, one of which has recently been bitesized.

He has also pioneered various inventive peices of code editing and map concepts, including the instant-kill Psy-Turret and eNergizer.

More recently, he was the least active of the members of The Revolution levelpack, is taking a small part in the forthcoming Mosaicism levelpack, and has started to use his ever-growing brood of unused tilesets in 3!otc.

To date, he has had three top-rated maps, all of them tilesets.

He is still highly active, and after a period of extreme patchiness, continues to regulary make new maps.