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Once went by the name of guy_zap, he is a general person on the forums. He doesn't do much, but if you poke him hard enough some confetti should pop out. He's been around since October 25th, 2007, and still lives to this day.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • He made a mildly amusing comic, called Tab-Q
  • He's made over 200 maps on NUMA, barely any of which are worth looking at.
  • He did three rounds of a contest called Name That Map, in which he posted a small screenshot of a map for people to name.
  • He set up an odd little thing on the old forums called The Impossible World, which was role-playing story telling.
  • He (along with EdoI) was the EnigmA, a little forum puzzle thing that got killed off.
  • He basically nicked Race to a Billion from this forum, and adapted it for another, where he is host. He also plays this version too.
  • He launched the idea of 4 minute 27 second poetry, which some people do sometimes. Pssst not really.
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